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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Our trip to the Zoo!

On Friday we went to the zoo. The best thing that I saw was a kiwi and a lion and a monkey and an ostrich too. They were funny. The chimpanzee's were throwing poo at the window and it was a crack up. They had pink bums too! By Shyheim

At the zoo I saw a chimpanzee and we looked at it and it looked fluffy. By Lui-Jireh

I saw a lion and tiger and a lizard. I like the lizard because it has a blue tongue. By Teuila

I liked the giraffe because we fed it. By Micah

On Friday I saw an animal and it has a long neck and it is a giraffe. By Kingston

I went to the zoo and I saw the tiger. It was fun at the zoo. By Jessica

I like seeing the giraffe because we got to feed them. By Melita

I like looking at the chimpanzees at the zoo because it was funny when they were hungry. By Teve

Chimpanzee's waiting for their lunch

Look at that long tongue!