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We are the year two and three class. Watch our learning journey through the year.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Things Room 1 have been learning

We have been learning about adding in my maths group, The Diamonds. It is fun and I like Maths.
By Erica

We have been learning about soccer skills. I like soccer skills because we play it a lot. One soccer skill I like is scissors.
By Taranaki

We have been drawing Room 1’s outside area for art.  Whaea Laura took a photograph of Room 1’s outside and then she put it on the electric whiteboard so we could draw it and colour it in. We have been making it colourful. It has been interesting for me.
By Ailani

We’ve been learning about our school rules. When the first bell rings we go have a drink and go to the toilet.  But when the second bell rings it’s learning time and if you want to go to the toilet at learning time you will have to wait because we have other stuff to do at learning time.
By Denis

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