Welcome to Room 1

We are the year two and three class. Watch our learning journey through the year.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Gecko Coming Into Room 1

Last Wednesday Whaea Jen told us that a gecko was coming into our classroom with a lady called Jenny Whyte . We were surprise that a gecko would come into a classroom. Later Jenny Whyte and a green gecko and two brown gecko came into our classroom.

When she came into our classroom we were so excited and everybody was sitting on their kness.

Soon everybody got to hold a gecko and some people holded a green or brown gecko.

By Denis Johnson Sitama Tupuola.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Whaea Kirsty brings her dog to visit

Whaea Kirsty is leaving so she bought her dog to visit us for a treat. She talked about her dog and fed him so that he would sit still. We could pat the dog at the end of it and he loved lots of kisses. His name was Hooch. Hooch shows in the show his name is Renegade Midnight Storm. He can jump very well and wins lots of ribbons.

By Erica