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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Our trip to the Police Museum and Aotea Lagoon

Here are some photos of us at the Police College Museum.
Ask and tell time with Wai (curator) at Police museum.
Tylah, Maraea and Oceana try on some police uniforms.
Dominic and Alatina take a ride on the police motorbike.
Finger printing - CSI Investigators.  Oceana, Taniela, Tylah and Enele
Here's a few stories on how our day went.

Yesterday we went to the Police Museum and saw police marching then we went inside and saw some clues.  After that we made fingerprints and then we watched Bryan and Bobby the police dog.  We walked to the Aotea Lagoon and played on the round about then I went to the slide.
By Tuaine

Yesterday at the Police Museum we trie on the Police uniforms.  They were cool.  Also we went to Aotea Lagoon Park, it was fun.  I was making fingerprints and I played on the police motorbike.  We also did a mystery.  It was cool and fun!
By Tylah
"We're going up, we want the world to see..."
Four way swing
Room 1 - This how we do :)
Where to next for our next adventure?

Wednesday, 10 September 2014