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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

We made yogurt with Whaea Rachel

We made yogurt with Whaea Rachel.
We made Mango yoghurt.
Then Whaea Angela bought some blueberries and bananas and pears and we got to eat the yogurt.
It tasted GREAT!
A big thank you to Whaea Rachel and Bernadette. 

These fantastic photos  were taken by Room 1 photgraphers

Crabs by Max

At Australia, my dad goes crabbing at night and I like eating crabs - it's so, so, so yummy!!!

Tomorrow by Anareia

Tomorrow Room 1 and Room 2 and Room 3 are going to the beach and it's going to be fun.
We are going to go on a bus and we are going to look for things.
I am going to look for a crab and a octopus and a hermit crab.
On Thursday me and my friends are going to the beach and go on the rocks.
My friends and I are going to have fun.
By Cale.

Movin' March Wheels Day

As part of Movin' March we had a fantastic Wheels Day where we raised money for Vanuatu.
Thank You Matua Rob for laying out the cones. 

There were people on scooters and bikes and Wheelie shoes.

 Anareia was Sun Smart on her scooter.

So was Jazlyn.

Cordeius was on his bike, being safe in his helmet.

Ah Ba

So was Ah Ba .

Irirongo on her bike

Yesterday we had lots of wheels and it was wheels day.
I ride my bike and I went round and round.
By Irirongo.

Yesterday we had wheels day. It was fun. I was shy because there were too much people. By Su Lin.

Danae and ARJ
Yesterday it was Wheels Day and I was riding my scooter for Wheels Day.
I ride my scooter at lunchtime and morning tea.
By Danae
Jadda Angel

Yesterday I get my scooter to school and I went around.
By Jeremiah

Jeremiah and Danae

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Can't wait. By Jazlyn

Next week I can't wait, because it's Wheels Day and trip day and swimming.
Jazlyn hard at work at Maths 
After swimming we are going to have lunch at the park and we are having lunch at Titahi Bay too!

Mighty Maths people

We had to work out how many lollies Stevie and his friend would get if they shared his bag of 100 lollies.
Laolao drew 100 lollipops!!! WOW! One hundred lollipops.

Irirongo and Anareia used Irirongo's calculator.

Creekfest by room 1

The Creekfest was fun because of all the things you could go on. 
But I didn't go on the swing because I was too scared . It was going round and round.

On Saturday at Creekfest I played on
the Merry- go - round.

I went to the Creekfest with my family.

I went to Creekfest with my dad and I went on the bouncy castle and I was happy.
Zung Hkaw.

Our class planter box

Look at our planter box - there were only weeds in there till Whaea Bev took them all out.

Then we all got a turn to plant something with  Whaea Bev's help.

We wanted the planter box to look like a rainbow so Whaea Angela bought lots of  plants wih different coloured flowers.

This is what our planter box looks like now- we can't wait for it to grow and flower.

A big thank you to Irirongo for the fantastic photos she took and Whaea Bev for helping us.

Monday, 16 March 2015


Every year we have an Armistice Celebration at school. 
This year because it is such a special celebration we want to copy the Army Museum and have a display of knitted or crocheted, poppies.
We would love you to help us and add to our poppies .
If you want the pattern please click on the following link  Army Museum poppy patterns

Helpers wanted

Come along to:
Russell School’s Working Bee!

We need some help shifting new soil for the garden boxes.

Saturday the 21st of March
10am -12
Come and learn some gardening tips, share yummy morning tea and help us

Please let us know if you can come, so we can make sure we have plenty of morning tea!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Rock pools here we come

We want to do what these children are doing and explore rock pools. So.... on Thursday March 26th we are off with Rooms two and three exploring.
I wonder what we will find?

More dinosaur delights!

Danae and her new friend!

Ah Ba and the dinosaur
Maraea and Baby T

A big thank you to Whaea Rachel for reminding Whaea Angela how to do the collages! You may see a few more!

Monday, 9 March 2015

Thank You

A big thank you to all those who made it possible for Baby T to come to school today:
Whaea Lynda, Miss Foster, Pam and Whaea Angela's Dad.

Room 1 and Baby T

Look who it was!

Room 1 and 2 and Room 7 went to the hall and we were saying "Baby T" and Baby T  was scary and I was nearly crying because he was really scary.
By Anareia.

Room 1 and 2 and 7 went to the hall
and we saw the dinosaur. By Ah Ba
Room 1 and Room 7 went to the hall to go see the dinosaur and it was a little bit scary.   By Zung Hkaw

Room 1 and two and 7 went to the hall. then we sat down and waited for the dinosaur. The dinosaurs name was Baby - T.
Then we saw the dinosaur and it was scary. It had sharp teeth and small arms. When it first came to me I got scared then I moved back.
By PJ.

More butterflies

Four more beautiful butterflies have hatched and been set free.
Look how carefully Jazlyn is carrying this one.
Thank you Michelle for the photo.

Sunday, 8 March 2015


Whaea Lynda says that the visitor is now coming TOMORROW.

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Who can it be?

Whaea Lynda has arranged for a special visitor to come to school on Friday. 
We wonder who it is?
Watch this space next week to find out who it was and what we thought.

Which is your favourite?

We love watching and listening to stories on our interactive whiteboard.

We have two favourites
"Guji Guji"  read by Robert Guillaume. You can listen to it by clicking on   Guji Guji .

We also like "I need my monster ".
You can also listen to it, by clicking on 
I need my monster

We would love to know which is your favourite.
Please leave us a comment below.