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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Super swimming stories

We have been talking about the words that you use when you are telling someone about something that happened - words like first, next, then, after and last.
Look at these SUPER STORIES we wrote about going swimming and see if we used some of those words.

First we had our lunch. Then we lined up. We needed to have a buddy. 
When we get to the pools Whaea Lynda had to call our name to get ready to hop in the pool.
After, when we have our swimming lesson we had to hop out of the pool.
Then we get dressed.
Then we walk back to school.
Then we go home.
By Jazlyn.

Last week Room 7 and Room 1 and Room 2 went swimming in the pool. It was fun. When we got back I was tired!
By Ah Ba

I went to the pools and it was so fun. I put my goggles on and I wore my swimming togs and I dive in. The pools is warm.
By Irirongo

Last week Rooms 1,2 and 7 went to the swimming pools. We had to walk there.
It was so hot.
It was a long walk. 
After the pools we had lunch and then my dad picked me up from the pools to go home.
By PJ.

Last week we went swimming. 
I was eating my lunch first, then we checked if we had our togs and our towels. 
Next we walked to the pool.
Whaea Lynda called out the names of the first group then we went into the pool.
We did Starfish.
By Oceana

Last week we went swimming.
we had lunch at the pool with Room 2. Then we went home.
The next day we went swimming. We wanted to swim but we had to walk a long way. When we got there I was tired and in the pool we had to go last because some of the Room 1 and Room 2 went in the pool. Then finally we went in the pool.
After that we walked a long way back to school.
Whaea Angela had to go in Whaea Sose's car.
I was really hot when I got back to school. then we went home.
The next day we went to the pool again. It was a really long walk.
I wish we could go by bus.
When we got there we had to go in the changing rooms to put our togs on.
Then we jumped in the pool.
We went to walk back to school.
then we went home.
By Danae

Last week we went to Swimming with Room 2 and Room 7. We had lunch and then we got started walking to the pool and I didn't want to walk and I got tires and we were nearly there and we walked inside the pools.
I had my goggles and I was excited when we went in the pools and when we went in the water. The water was warm and our lesson was good and I was tried at the end 
By Anareia

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