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Thursday, 30 April 2015


Wow! Tomorrow as part of Book Week, Ruth Paul is coming to Russell School.

Ruth Paul is a writer and illustrator. (She not only writes the words for her books, she also draws the pictures.)

Today we read her book "The Kings Bubbles" again.

There is one picture of the King that really made us laugh. 

I wonder if you know which one it is?

Schools here and in other countries

We are looking at how things can be the same and how they are different in other countries. 
One special country we are learning about is Myanmar. 

We are looking at pictures of schools here and in other countries to see what is the same and what is different.

We looked at this photo and saw 

  • they have their own desks - we share our desks
  • they wear uniforms - we don't
  • their desks are made of wood - ours are made of plastic and metal
  • they put up their hands - so do we
  • they have big books on their desks - our books aren't as big
  • they have big books on shelves - our books are smaller and in boxes or on the library stand

As part of our study we took photos, with the tablets, of what makes Russell School special.

Here are  some of the photos we took outside in the playground.

Here is P.J and the hoops.

These photos are of  Jadda Angel, Cordeius, Jazlyn and our planter box.

Here are some other things we saw in the playground.

Two of the photographers, Zung Hkaw and ARJ are showing great teamwork and look at the photos they have taken on the tablets.

Dress up day

Tomorrow is "Dress Up Day" as part of Book Week.
We can wear clothes from other countries.
Akenese and Danae are looking forward to wearing lavalava.
Mokotupu is going to wear his Canberra top and shorts.

We wonder what Miss Forster will wear. Today she had a top from Canada.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015


On ANZAC Day, I am going to my cousins house . I am going to sleep there for the holidays . We are going to the park. My Aunty said we are going to get yummy ice- cream.
                                      By Danae

On ANZAC Day I am going to Te Papa and I am going with my mum and my dad and my aunty.
By Akenese.

This is part of a new display at Te Papa.
Akenese might see it!!

Bye Max - we will miss you

 Max has gone to another school.

We liked having Max in our class.

We will miss him.

Have fun at your new school Max.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Play Doh

At Easter, Whaea Angela gave each person a tub of Play Doh.
We could choose the colour of the Play Doh.
PJ choose green and he used his to turn himself into the Green Lantern.


Look at the fantastic rock pool dioramas we made with Mrs Walker.

Aren't they great?

Fun at the beach in pictures

Look at the fantastic fun we had on our trip to Titahi Bay. 
A huge thank you to Whaea Lynda who made it possible.

Our rock pool trip

First we jump in the bus. Then we jump off the bus and we walked on the sand and we had morning tea.
After morning tea we had a sandcastle competition.
Matua Rob drew squares for the sandcastles.
By Maraea. 

At the beach we went to the rock pools. Then we had morning tea. 
After that we went back to the sand and we went to the playground.
By Mokotupu.

We went on the bus for a trip and went to the rock pools.
Then we went there to make some sandcastles and we came to the park and we went to the big pools.
By Reign.

Jeremiah and his team making sand castles
All the juniors went on the bus. Then they found a dead crab. 
By Jadda.

Yesterday we went to the beach and we got there in the bus.
By Jeremiah

Room 1 and Room 2 and Room 3 went to the rock pools and I saw a crab and a hermit crab and after that we had morning tea.
After that we went to the sand and we all won because our sandcastles were cool and after we went to the park and we had lunch and we went to the rock pools again and after we went back to school and when we got to school, we went home.
By Irirongo.

Last Thursday we went to Titahi Bay Beach. First we went to the rock pools. We saw animals in the water.
Then we had morning tea at the rock pools.
We went to walk along the beach because we had a competition to make sandcastles.
Then after that we walked to the park and ate our lunch. Next we back on the bus, back to school.
By Danae

Our trip

We went on the bus to go to Titahi Bay Beach.
Then we got off the bus and we walked to a rock pool.
I saw an anemone, a hermit crab and a starfish. 
Then we went out to have morning tea.
After that we had lunch on the park. It was fun.
Then Whaea Lynda asked if we want to go to the big rock pool.
Next we finally went back to school to go home.
By Oceana

but wait there is more

Ah Ba and Cale making a sand castle
First Whaea Angela said to line up to go to Titahi Bay  and then we listened to  Whaea Lynda.
Then we  went to the rock pools and then we looked for things  and then we saw an anemone.
After that we went to the rock pools.
After that we went back with a bus.
By Ah Ba
Ah Ba showing off a find

Our trip to the rock pool

First we lined up in a line.
Then we went on the bus. 
After that we got off the bus.
Then we went to the rock pool. Next we got into groups . Then we went to look for a crab and starfish.
then we had morning tea. 
Jazlyn working hard on her sand castle
then we had a competition . Next everybody had a prize.
After that we went to the park and some people stayed with Whaea Angela and some people went with Whaea Lynda and Matua Rob to the rock pool.
After that we walked back to the park.
Next we hopped on the bus to go back to school.
By Jazlyn.

Our Titahi Bay Beach trip

Zung Hkaw off to the rock pools
Our trip to the Rock pools

We went to Titahi  Bay Beach with Room 2 and Room 3 came too.
then we walked around the beach and then we made some sand castles.
By Zung Hkaw

Su Lin showing what she found at the beach 

  I went to the beach with my friends and we had groups so we wouldn't get lost at the beach  and we had a competition and we won.
By Su Lin