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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Schools here and in other countries

We are looking at how things can be the same and how they are different in other countries. 
One special country we are learning about is Myanmar. 

We are looking at pictures of schools here and in other countries to see what is the same and what is different.

We looked at this photo and saw 

  • they have their own desks - we share our desks
  • they wear uniforms - we don't
  • their desks are made of wood - ours are made of plastic and metal
  • they put up their hands - so do we
  • they have big books on their desks - our books aren't as big
  • they have big books on shelves - our books are smaller and in boxes or on the library stand

As part of our study we took photos, with the tablets, of what makes Russell School special.

Here are  some of the photos we took outside in the playground.

Here is P.J and the hoops.

These photos are of  Jadda Angel, Cordeius, Jazlyn and our planter box.

Here are some other things we saw in the playground.

Two of the photographers, Zung Hkaw and ARJ are showing great teamwork and look at the photos they have taken on the tablets.

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