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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Queens Birthday Weekend

We talked about it being 'Queen's Birthday Weekend' .
We talked about who the Queen is and what she looks like.
We looked at the Queen's picture on the back of PJ's $2.00 coin.

Some people then wrote about 'The Queen'.

It is the Queen's birthday . 
Instead of giving her a gift
she is giving us a holiday.
Su Lin

Once upon a time I want to be a Queen of everyone in the World, but if I had kids they would be a King and a Queen and I'll buy some clothes for them.

I want to go to England because I want to make lots of money so I can be rich. When I'm rich I want to be the Queen, because I want to be the Queen of Samoa.
When I am the Queen I am going shopping every day and I am going to be HAPPY!

On Monday I am going to England on a plane . I am going to see the Queen's castle and celebrate the Queen's birthday . It will be fun with the Queen.

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