Welcome to Room 1

We are the year two and three class. Watch our learning journey through the year.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Kapo Kapo

Tonight Irirongo, Jazlyn, Maraea and ARJ are on the stage with the rest of the Russell School group. 
We are really proud of them.
A big thank you to Whaea Rachel and Matua Andrew for all their hard work teaching them.

Monday, 22 June 2015

STRIKE it lucky!

We were really lucky because Strike came to Russell School yesterday!

After they did a performance in the hall, we had a workshop with Steph in Room 11.

It was AWESOME!!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Congratulations Liz and Craig

 Congratulations to Liz and Craig ( seen here in the Kapi Mana) on their Queen's Birthday Honour for services to Music .  We are very lucky because three people in Room 1 are learning the violin from Liz.

Monday, 8 June 2015

3 Billy Goats

We have been learning about plays.
Here are Oceana, Maraea, Cordeius and PJ performing the Three Billy Goats play with Whaea Bev's help.
It is hard to tell who is who behind the fantastic masks!
A big thank you to Whaea Bev.

Recorder Rocks!!

We are lucky because not only do some people have lessons with Whaea Marie but on Monday at 2,30 she comes to Room 1 and teaches us all - even Whaea Angela!!!
Here are some of the stars practicing one wet lunchtime.


Wow! Even higher on the Number Rumble Hall of Fame!


We are doing a new sort of maths where we work together to solve problems.
Look at the great teamwork Jazlyn and Reign are using when working with materials.
They had to work out how many people could have 3 Duffy Books if there were 27 books in the box. They used the big ice block sticks as the people and the counters were the books.

Wow a Bi-lingual assembly

 It was our turn to run the assembly in Samoan Language Week.
We wore the 'ula we made and the school lavalavas.
Don't we look fantastic and very colourful!

We ran a bi-lingual 
Half of us spoke in 
Samoan and half in English.

A big thank you to 

  • Whaea Eunice who translated what we wanted to say into Samoan
  • Whaea Sharlene who helped us make sure we said the Samoan correctly
  • Miss Forster and the big kids in Room 9 who helped us by making more flowers for our 'ula and helped us with our Samoan.

Congratulations Taniela

Well done Taniela!
Taniela was selected by the swimming instructors as the person who was the best learner in the WHOLE school, when we had swimming lessons at Cannons Creek School!
We are proud of you Taniela.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Number Rumble Hall of Fame!

We have entered the Number Rumble competition. The competition started this week and goes till September. We have been working hard! 
The competition is for all year 1 to 4 classes in New Zealand.
We are very excited because this week we made the "Hall of Fame" and we are coming 21st!
We think that is great, but as Taniela said "I want to be number 1"

Zung Hkaw's mum

 We are learning about Myanmar this term and we were very lucky because Zung Hkaw's mum (Bawk) came and talked about Myanmar.

Bawk showed us some maps.
She showed us where Myanmar is in the world.
She showed us a very special
kind of map that showed us where the different ethnic groups live in Myanmar.

Zung Hkaw and his family are Kachin.

Bawk brought the special clothes that a Kachin bride and groom would wear. 
She dressed Amelia as the bride.
Doesn't she look great!

And Tuiane looks great as the groom.

Thank you Bawk for coming to talk to us. We learned a lot about Myanmar.

Vaiaso le Gagana Samoa - Samoa Language Week 27 May - 1 June

For Samoan Language Week we did activities. It was fun because we did dancing.

That was my favourite part. My other favourite part was painting my face. Then after that we ate Koko Laisa.
By Danae

Vaiaso le Gagana Samoa - Samoa Language Week 27 May - 1 June

On Friday it was Samoan Activities and my group was at Room 4 and we did face painting and we went to the hall and made coconut
and we ate it and it taste delicious and yummy.
Then we went to Room 3 and played chess.
We swapped over to Room 2 and drew Samoan patterns and we painted the patterns on the newspaper.
By Maraea

Samoan Language Day

When it was Samoan Day in Room 3, I played with Rangihana and he kept on winning.
by Ah Ba
Ah Ba and Rangihana