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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Photos wanted

Do you have any photos of us at concert?
We don't have any photos of us on stage at Hosanna Hall in our recorder or main item and we would love them to post on the blog.

Fantastic costumes

We were really lucky to have amazing parents who came and helped make the fantastic costumes.  

Mrs Walker designed all our costumes for us .

We were proud to wear them at the School Concert on Wednesday at the Hosanna Hall.


A big thank you to all the parents and Mrs Walker.
                                                        Check out how fantastic we look in the costumes.


I am feeling awesome about concert because I am up on the show and I might be a star and be amazing for my parents and my parents will see me.

By Ah Ba

Anareia's concert story

When we go to the concert it is going to be fun because I like concert and sometimes I'm shy but I think that I'm going to be brave and I want my mum to watch because I think that my mum is going to say that it's the best show ever!


When its our concert, me and Anareia and Iryna are going to be a bird. I'm going to be purple, blue, yellow and maybe red. When it's our turn we will do amazing dancing then we will freeze because the janitors are coming in to sweep up.

By Oceana

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Yahoo! Even better!

Thanks to all the hard work people are putting in, we are now doing even better in the Number Rumble Hall of Fame.

Soccer stars of the present and the future

Here are the three of the Room 1 soccer stars with two Phoenix players.
Ah Ba is on the left. 
Laie is at the back in the middle and Taniela is at the back, on the right, next to Maleta from Room 6.