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We are the year two and three class. Watch our learning journey through the year.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

We were lucky

First there were new lunchboxes
Then they hung them in a tree.
Next they added light and made them magical

Later they took them down and filled them

Bought them to Russell School

And we got a lovely lunch and we got to keep the lunchbox !
Thanks ' Feed the Kids too' and to everyone who made it possible. We LOVED the lunch and the lunchbox.

The Big Slurp

709-Cow.jpg (1400×1494)

cow-white.png (2048×1540)

cow_PNG2141.png (2040×1689)

brown-cow-plain-vector_2594460.jpg (626×400)

 709-Cow.jpg (1400×1494)

14411836-illustration-of-cow-in-a-white-background-Stock-Vector-cow-clipart-milk.jpg (1300×1130)
cow_PNG2141.png (2040×1689)

14411836-illustration-of-cow-in-a-white-background-Stock-Vector-cow-clipart-milk.jpg (1300×1130)

Check us out!

Wednesday 23rd was World School Milk Day - also known as 
Fonterra asked us to take photos of what we did to celebrate the  milk we get each day and upload them to the website. Fonterra want to  send the photos to the Farmers so they can see how much we enjoy the delicious milk they provide.
We made cow masks from the template on the website and got together with Rooms 2 and 3 to drink the milk.
Danae, Oceana and Whaea Angela took some photos and Whaea Angela uploaded them.
Check it out!!!
Ours are the photos with the arrows.
Can you see Richie McCaw in the background! 

Sunday, 20 September 2015


Whaea Marie, who 

teaches recorder in 

Room 1, and Porirua 

Soundscapes were 

runner ups in the 

Wellington Airport 

Community Awards

 ( Art and Culture)

and Liz who teaches 

violin at Russell  

School and Virtuoso 

Strings who won the Child Development 


and Supreme award.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Jadda's story

Jadda in the stripey top
I like looking at the carving in the Marae.
By Jadda

Harmony's story

Harmony in pink
Why is a Marae special?

because we can listen to the Marae people
and we can have stories and we can look at the carving.
By Harmony

Cale's story

Cale with his back to the camera
The Marae is a special place because we get to learn Maori Language and do fun activities and play games outside with our friends.
By Cale

The Marae

ARJ facing the camera
The Marae is important because it has Maori patterns and a Maori star. Then
after we went to eat with Room 2.

Why is a marae a special place?

Zung Hkaw in green
A Marae is a special place because there is a Maori patterns and we have to look after the Marae.
By Zung Hkaw

A Marae

A Marae is a special place because it is a Maori culture.

It had on the side Maori statues and a Maori hall. 
Mokotupu in red and white

by Mokotupu

The Marae

Ah Ba in green
The Marae is a special place because it a meeting Marae and we sing and it is a special Marae. We eat and play and we get in our lines. By Ah Ba

Friday, 18 September 2015

Sing songs

Galway in green
A Marae is a special place because we get to sing songs, only we sing the songs that we know and
we play when we finish eating.
By Galway

Fum and cool

Joe and Jessica-Jane
A Marae is important because it's fun and cool and fun and so cool.
We get kites and learn and sing.
by Jessica-Jane

Fun with the Marae people

Akenese at the back on the right 
The Marae is special because you can have fun with the Marae people and play with your friends and you can do activities and what I like about the marae is I get to meet the Marae people and have fun and play around.
By Akenese